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Why choose Swedish Dental

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We are one of the world’s premier dental practices specializing in computer assisted implant treatments. Swedish dental always strive to offer treatments that both parties are satisfied with. Aesthetic dentistry is very important for our dentists and they always work hard to achive a natural and perfect smile for you.

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We specalize in dental implants and aesthetic dentistry and always strive for the best result achiveable. Swedish dental also offers conventional treatment such as fillings, endodontic treatments and and hygienist treatments.

Our employees at Swedish Dental has high requirements when it comes to their education and they have to attend courses every year. We want our staff to be competent at the highest level.

Premium Dental Care Treatments

We costumize the treamtent for your personal needs. This is possible because of our thorough clinical examinations, conventional X-rays and CBCT scans.

Time efficient treatments

We offer treatments that are time efficient so that you can spend less time off from work and receive you beutiful smile within 2-12 weeks depending on the treatment. The implant treatments are planned in a 3-dimensional programs like Navident or Simplant after a CBCT scan.

If you are edentulous and when treated with implants you can receive a fixed denture directly after the surgery. When treated for just one or several missing teeth it could take between 6-12 weeks depending on the quality of the bone when healing.

Prolonged dental treatment warranty

We have a 5-year warranty on fixed prosthetic work and a 1-year warranty on dental fillings and removable prosthetic.

Dental implants: The manufacturer provides a life time warranty on their implants.