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Dental Implant Surgery

Why Get Dental Implants

Dela denna sida

There are many reasons people choose to go with dental implants. Here are just some of the many benefits they offer:

  • They are more reliable than any other kind of tooth restoration and/or replacement
  • Dental implants are long-lasting, with a 30-year survival rate of 90%
  • They eliminate the need for removable dentures
  • Once implanted, they work just like regular teeth—needing to be brushed and professionally cleaned two times a year.
  • They preserve your bone and gum, which starts to erode when you have no teeth
  • Implants evenly distribute biting forces so as not to negatively affect other teeth

Dental implants save you a lot of money and effort in the long run. They are a great solution for individuals who have lost a tooth or several teeth due to an accident or injury or that have periodontal disease.

Dental Implant Surgery – A long term solution

Guided Surgery

Guided dental implant surgery is a minimally invasive dental implant procedure. It is meant to minimize the pain experienced from dental implant surgery and also heavily reduce swelling and bruising. Discover more about this procedure for dental implants here.

Navigational Surgery

This procedure is the latest in dental implant treatment technology. This next-generation offered at our dental practice is a technique using computer-aided-implant surgery for dental implants. Learn more about this type of dental implant surgery here.

What to Expect During a Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery may be different depending on the person getting dental implants and the type of dental implant surgery they will have. It will also vary based on how many teeth are being implanted.

The first step is a consultation with your dentist and oral surgeon. The dental team will explain how the process is going to work before the implantation and treatment process.

An anaesthetic will be used to pull out a tooth (if necessary) where the implant will be placed.

At the time of implantation, you should not feel pain from the anaesthetic. However, you will likely experience discomfort during the week or two post-surgery during recovery.

Your false teeth will either be fitted before or during the implantation process. The dental team will recommend which option is the best for you.

Dental Implant Surgery Recovery

Once the implants are put in, they need time to fuse with the jaw–a process that can take up to a few months.

As each case with dental implants is unique, the post-surgical treatment option will be, too. Make sure you understand what treatment options you have available to you with the dental team before having dental implant surgery.

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This takes between 2-12 weeks depending on how many teeth need to be replaced. Your new fixed teeth are made in the form of a bridge construction. They are mounted on top of the screws. Now you and those around you can see the result: brand new teeth that look like your natural teeth.
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