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Closed for the holidays

We are closed for the holidays from Thursday 22 December and will reopen on Monday 2 January at 09:00. In case of urgent problems when we are closed, please contact Tandakuten City at 010-6010201 We wish all our dear patients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

22. December, 2022|

Opening hours during Christmas/New year

Swedish Dental is closed for the holidays from the 22nd of December. We are back on Monday the 3rd of January. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Opening hours during Christmas and New year 3rd of january: 9am-5pm 4th of january: 9am-5pm 5th of january: 9am-12 pm 6th and 7th of january: Closed

22. December, 2022|

Dental Implants After Placement: 9 Common Questions Answered

Have you already invested in dental implants to restore your health and beautiful smile, or are you still considering them as a possible option? Either way, learning some essential information about their procedure and aftercare is important so you can be prepared. Dental implants are a great restorative solution for missing teeth and are considered one of the most durable and successful solutions Dentistry offers. In fact, their success [...]

12. December, 2022|

Is a Dental Flipper the Right Option for You?

Losing one or more teeth probably sounds like a bad dream you want to wake up from as quickly as possible. However, it’s a lot more common than you think, and many people are facing this issue trying to find the right option for them. A missing tooth could be caused by many things, like an injury, a decayed tooth that needed extraction, an untreated gum disease, or the [...]

19. September, 2022|

When Should You Seek Emergency Dental Care?

When someone considers a dental visit, it most likely involves a scheduled appointment for a specific reason—for example, getting a professional cleaning with your hygienist, a restorative/cosmetic procedure or even a simple consultation for a brighter smile. What happens, though, when you’re in a situation where one or more symptoms are severe or even unbearable? Then you may be dealing with a dental emergency. What Is a Dental [...]

12. September, 2022|

What Does Advanced Gum Disease Look Like?

It can happen to all of us at some point in our lives when something just doesn’t feel right. You might be experiencing an uncomfortable symptom, having a weird hunch that something is off, or just noticed something and started questioning yourself if this was there before. If you’re worried that your gums are left neglected, or you’re uncertain about whether your symptoms are severe, then you are probably [...]

22. June, 2022|
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