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Dental Bleaching & Other Aesthetics

Dental Bleaching & Other Aesthetics

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Can be done at the privacy of your home . The treatment takes max. one week. You place the whitening jelly on a “dental splint” that is produced by our dental technicians. You can bleach at the office. With power bleaching which takes 2 hours. You need to make bleaching treatments at home too, in order to keep optimal results.

Porcelain veneers and crowns

Thin shells of porcelain are glued onto the surface of the tooth. This treatment helps you to maintain a beautiful smile for many years.

Porcelain Fillings

Instead of old-fashioned amalgam or modern plastic composite fillings, we can use porcelain. These fillings are much more resistant and more dense. We take a computer print of “the hole” in your teeth and produce a porcelain inlay (called CEREC method). This gets cemented to the tooth at the same session.


If you have gaps between the teeth we can make a bridge between the teeth close to the gap. Bridges are made of metal with ceramics or only of ceramics. When we do a bridge, we need to sharpen the teeth next to the tooth gap. We normally recommend an implant for the gap. We also replace old crowns that have become discolored or broken.