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Guided surgery for dental implants

A Minimal Invasive Dental Implant Procedure

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Dental implant treatments before guided surgery were very invasive treatments associated with pain, swelling and bruising after the surgery.

Swedish Dental introduced guided surgery in Sweden in the beginning of the millennium. With this technique we minimized the problem with pain and practically eliminated swelling and bruising after surgery. The dentist has to have access to a CBCT-scan. This kind of X-ray is a 3D image of the jaw.

The minimal invasive surgery with guide is only possible after the CBCT has been transferred to a program called Simplant. The dentist plans the treatment and placement of the implants. A surgical guide is ordered for the treatment when the dentist is satisfied with the placement of the implants in the virtual planning.

The surgical guide is fixated in the patient mouth during the surgery. This provides the exact placement and length of the implants needed for the surgery. This technique has been a very reliable treatment method for a long time but know it´s time to take the next step in the development of computer-guided surgery with navigation surgery.

Before computer guided surgery the surgeons had to rely on 2-dimensional X-rays. This forced the dentists to make incisions and exposing the underlying jawbone before placement of the implants. The result of this treatment method was pain, swelling and bruises after the surgery. Because of the large surgical areas that had to bee exposed the healing process took a long time. The patiens suffered as a result of the old methods and that is why Swedish Dental wanted to find new treatment methods.