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Tooth whitening

Dental whitening

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At Swedish Dental, we have a full process for teeth whitening. The best part is the teeth whitening you can do all within the comfort of your home. Here is our process:

  • We conduct an examination of the patient’s teeth, gingiva, and oral mucosa
  • Treatment of any possible infections or cavities before proceeding
  • Make an imprint of the teeth to create a mouthguard
  • The patient uses natural teeth whitening at home until you’re satisfied with the color. This takes 5-7 days.

At Swedish Dental, we use Opalescence®, an at-home teeth whitening process that has delivered positive results so far for our patients.


Teeth whitening follow-up treatment

When going through the teeth whitening process, patients should avoid food and drink with strong colors so as to not disrupt the teeth whitening process. These can include coffee, tea, red wine, soda, soy, tomato, juices, curries, beets, and more.

It’s also important during and after treatment to drink plenty of water to restore the water balance to teeth. Of course, brushing teeth both morning and night with toothpaste and rinsing out with a fluoride mouthwash is essential in teeth whitening aftercare.

Are you interested in teeth whitening with Swedish Dental? Contact us today for a consultation. If you’re interested in other types of aesthetic dentistry then make sure to read about other cosmetic procedures offered by Swedish Dental here.

Teeth Whitening FAQ

  • What causes tooth discoloration?

    Most people have some kind of discoloration on their teeth either because of natural color or due to elements like food, wine, tea, and coffee. All of these things can leave traces on the teeth and even cause stains that are hard to remove just by brushing.

  • Why whiten my teeth?

    Because of staining caused by food and drink, many are left feeling insecure about the color of their teeth. Of course, this shouldn’t be the case, as your smile is one of your most important features and has a proven impact on health and overall quality of life! What’s more, your smile is the first impression most people have of you.

  • Is teeth whitening safe?

    Teeth whitening is completely safe–especially when carried out by certified dentists. However, if you’re looking to whiten your teeth, be wary of Internet-purchased teeth whitening products. You should always consult with your dentist about what’s safe.

  • Are there side effects?

    You will likely experience a little tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment. Some patients also experience mottling, or, white spots which are caused by the composition of molecules in the tooth tissue. Both of these side effects are only temporary and not cause for concern. Particularly for the mottling, the enamel mainly needs some time to even out after the teeth whitening.