10 March, 2019


Fix Your Smile, Increase Your Confidence: Here’s How to Do It

Having a damaged crown or tooth can be frustrating and painful. Not only do you feel uncomfortable, but you feel more self-conscious and insecure about the way your teeth look. You might be so embarrassed that you don’t smile as much. Unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on all your social interactions, and it can make you feel less happy overall.

If you’re experiencing any tooth problems or oral discomfort, come to Swedish Dental! We can provide a variety of solutions for those frustrating tooth problems and get you smiling again in no time.

Damaged Crowns

If the top enamel layer of your tooth decaying or cracked—such as from an accident or injury—a crown will help protect the rest of the tooth and prevent further damage. Sometimes crowns are even used to reinforce a weak tooth. A dentist will fit the crown perfectly to your tooth for maximum protection. These caps can be made from a number of different materials including ceramic, resin, metal, or stainless steel. These are all strong materials, but even metal can be compromised.

Crown & Bridge Treatment With Porcelain Crowns

Causes of a Damaged Crown

Here are a few of most common causes Swedish Dental sees for damaged crowns:


One of the most common reasons why a crown can be damaged is due to trauma. If you’re in a car accident, injured in a contact sport, or even if you fall on the cement, your crown could crack or chip, compromising the protective layer.


If you’re not practicing good dental hygiene habits, you’re putting your crown at risk. Always make sure you brush your teeth regularly. Avoid biting your nails or chewing on objects like pens or pencils. Even eating ice cubes will damage your crown eventually.


If you tend to clench or grind your teeth, you should definitely invest in a night guard. Otherwise, you are putting your crowns and your teeth at risk. Grinding will eventually wear down your teeth and can ruin your crowns.


Sometimes if your tooth decays enough with time, your crown will also begin to wear out. Crowns are strong, but with time, it’s always possible they will decay. If you suspect this is happening, see a dental professional as soon as possible.


If you have a misaligned bite, your teeth will undergo excessive stress when you bite down. It might also shift or damage your crown. It’s important to address the alignment issue with your dentist to avoid damaging your crown.

Signs of a Damaged Crown

Not sure if your crown is damaged? Here are some signs that your crown needs to be fixed.

  •    Your crown is becoming sensitive to extreme temperatures
  •    You can see a crack on the crown
  •    You can feel a rough texture around your crown
  •    You have a bad toothache

Damaged Crown Solutions

A damaged crown can quickly lead to serious problems with your teeth. But there’s a solution. Swedish Dental can fix your damaged crown so you can stop being uncomfortable and worrying about your smile! You should address the problem as soon as you notice there is one. Call Swedish Dental to schedule an appointment today!


Dental Implant Surgery

You can also get implants with dental surgery to fix a damaged tooth. With this option, Swedish Dental will give you an artificial tooth and replace the roots of your teeth with metal posts. No one will be able to notice a difference between your real tooth and a dental implant. They will look virtually identical and function exactly the same. You do need to have healthy oral tissue and good bone structure to undergo this procedure with the best results. The recovery process will take several months, but in the end, it will be worth it! You’ll have a beautiful smile that you’ll be proud to show off.

Implant Bridge & Conventional Crowns Combined Treatment

Temporary Crown

After you’re done with surgery, Swedish Dental will fit you with a temporary crown. This is an important step in the procedure that many dentists overlook. Especially if the tooth you are replacing is toward the front of your mouth, you don’t want to deal with a gap in that area. A temporary crown will help the healing procedure of the soft tissue around the implant and, it removes any noticeable gap in your teeth! Getting a temporary crown put in is completely non-invasive. No one will know that you just had dental implant surgery. You can smile with confidence!

Although experiencing pain after the surgery is rare, sometimes adjusting to the temporary crown can be uncomfortable. Make sure you’re taking good care of your teeth by gently brushing and flossing regularly to avoid complications.

After a few weeks the permanent crown is attached to the implant and the patient receives a perfect aesthetic result.

Getting Your Normal Smile Back

It’s amazing how much your teeth affect your confidence. When something is wrong with your teeth, it affects your smile. You feel more insecure about the way you look. And when you feel insecure about smiling, it has a negative impact on your confidence.

People who smile seem more likable and approachable. They look open to new connections. So, when you’re smiling, there’s a greater likelihood that you’ll make new connections and friends. A smile can even change your entire outlook on a situation! If you’re having a down day, smiling can actually help you be more positive.

Don’t let teeth problems get you down. With our help, you can smile with confidence again! If you have a damaged crown or tooth in need of repair, contact Swedish Dental today!

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