28 March, 2022


Dental Tourism: What to Check Before Travelling Abroad

Are you feeling tempted to plan your next vacation? It might be a great time to consider all your options; destination, hotels, sightseeing and why not a dental surgery?

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), dental services are one of the well-known categories for medical tourism, and many countries provide health care for medical travellers.

More and more people take advantage of their days off work and combine a great vacation with a dental treatment plan to another country. This is not just someone’s crazy idea or a social media trend, but there are plenty of destinations, offers, and packages to pick from.

But before you dive into the actual planning, there are a few things that you should consider first, then research them in-depth and eventually decide. So let’s review them together.

#1 What dental procedure are you planning to schedule

One of the most important things you should consider is your needs. You might think this is unorthodox, and of course, you won’t plan anything without knowing what you’re looking for, but having all the information is the key to a successful plan.

For example, are you looking for an aesthetic procedure like veneers or crowns, or a more invasive and restorative procedure like root canal treatment or even braces?

Our advice is to learn everything about the procedure, its aftercare and whether there should be any recurring visits. You might find many tempting offers for 1-day services or unreasonably inexpensive practices online, but you should know better.

Here is our tip: Schedule a consultation with your dentist first. Discuss and learn what you need to do for your oral health, and then decide if the cost will leave your pockets empty or not. Because let’s face it, this is probably one of the main reasons you’re thinking about travelling abroad for medical assistance.

#2 Research all available options in-depth

Now that you know what you need, it’s time to research. There are some specific questions you should ask yourself and online. We listed them below, and you can also use them as the base for your dental tourism checklist.

  • Is there a “famous” country for dental tourism and your specific procedure?
  • Which treatment options are available, and who can perform them?
  • Can you find testimonials or stories from patients who have already gone through this dental method there?
  • Are any restrictions or forbidden practices related to your dental problem in this country?
  • Are there any standards, and if there are, do they meet your perspective of the ideal result?
  • Finally, can you find any estimates for the upcoming costs?

All these questions can guide you to find all the necessary information and help you create a questionnaire for your next move – finding the right health care provider. So, grab a cup of coffee, start googling and take notes.

#3 Contact the dental professional and get all the information

Even though this step is related to the previous one, we separated it because we wanted to analyse a few things that might not come through your mind.

If you have found your candidates, it’s time to decide who is the best fit for you. We will give you three pieces of advice.

Ask your questions without skipping anything. Try to fully understand the details of your procedure, like the materials that will be used and the recovery.

Triple check if there is going to be an issue with the communication. If you don’t speak the native language, don’t take for granted that your dental professional can fully understand what you need.

If you’re looking for an aesthetic procedure, like, for example, teeth whitening, veneers or crowns, make sure that you share the same standards. For example, you might want a beautiful and natural smile and end up with a bright and shinny-white one.

#4 Understand the potential risks

No matter how well organised you and your trip might be, there is always the possibility of complications and other travelling risks.

We collected a few thoughts and recommendations to help you evaluate everything in advance.

Since your trip involves medical care, especially in a foreign country, the risk of health complications might be a bit higher than normal. So, please make sure that you wisely choose your destination and provider.

Consider your aftercare needs and whether it would be safe to travel after your treatment. You might need a few additional days of rest and observation during your recovery.

For those air travelling and planning dental surgery, keep the following in mind. Generally, it would be safe to travel if it’s a minor surgery. However, if it is more complicated, it should be best to plan for one or two days of rest. Travelling too soon could affect your recovery.

Discuss with your dentist in your home country and make sure that any required follow-up appointments can be arranged and provided. Compilations or infections should always be considered, so keep that in mind before and after your trip.

Don’t forget to pack with you all the necessary documents and your medical files and after your trip, ensure that you’ll get a record of your treatment. So, in case of any complications, your doctors can have access and decide the best for you.

#5 Is dental tourism actually a wise choice?

After everything being said so far, you might still wonder if you should start planning your trip, and of course, we can understand why.

But since we have already been offering our services as a clinic to many dental tourists, we can reassure you that it is definitely worth it.

At the Swedish Dental clinic, we have treated many patients looking for more in advance and budget-friendly treatments. So we only know one thing; If you find a certified and qualified dental professional with authorised facilities, you shouldn’t worry.

Choose a country that can offer you not only less expensive treatment care but also safety and innovation. Never forget that the cheapest choice won’t necessarily mean quality service. So do your research, follow our recommendations, and we are confident that you can find the best option for you.

If you’ve never been to Sweden, then you should definitely plan a trip to explore our beautiful country. And if you’re searching for dental services, contact us to learn more about our services and any other information you need.

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