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Corona virus

Corona virus

Information for patients regarding coronavirus airway infection – covid-19 Swedish Dental follows the development of the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19)

  1. If you are symptom free: Please contact the clinic for booking or re-booking.
  2. If you have symptoms and have respiratory infection and / or fever or have been in contact with people with symptoms, please re-book your time with us and call 1177 for information.

You do not have to pay any fee for late cancellation or late re-booking due to the above event. The information above is continuously updated and is in accordance with the National Health Authority’s national guidelines. Our priority is to ensure that we have procedures that protect employees and patients from the risk of being infected.

You can find more information about the Coronavirus Covid-19 here:
You can also call 113 13 for information about the Corona virus

Swedish Dental’s measures to minimize the spread of infection
Patients who are not healthy are asked to re-book their time.

All patients are asked if they have been at risk of infection and if they feel healthy before entering the waiting room clinic.

All our employees have been informed and instructed about the current situation and extra procedures to minimize the spread of infection.

  • We carry out regular disinfection of surfaces such as door handles, reception counters, card terminals and water taps.
  • We do not shake your hand to welcome you during this period. We say Hi! or Welcome! instead.
  • Hand decinfection is available for all who visit us and we urge all patients and visitors to wash their hands before and after the visit with us.

We work with infection prevention daily
Swedish Dental works according to the national guidelines for hygiene in Swedish dental care, in order not to spread infection during treatment. We follow ”basic hygiene practices”.

This means, for example, that during treatment we use, gloves, disposable protective apron, mouthguard, visor / goggles. We follow quality assured guidelines for hand hygiene. All surfaces in the treatment room as well as the treatment chair are disinfected with alcohol-based surface disinfectant after each patient visit. All instruments used in a treatment are removed from the treatment room and cleaned in validated washer-disinfector and / or in equipment that sterilizes the instruments. We check our equipment on a daily basis to ensure the cleaning processes.

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